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Social Domain

Housing organisations, of both social, public or private background, share one common aspect: they are acting as housing provider in the public domain. Most of the EFL members share values like CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and work hard to improve the living standards of their tenants in neighborhoods. The working group Social Domain developed a methodological tool, based on best practices,  for enhancing the social- economic situation of neighborhoods.

 During recent years the Topic Group Social Domain studied new approaches for intervention in neighborhoods, its effectiveness and impact. Another topic is participation and engagement of tenants. Comparing the different approaches across Europe delivers interesting new knowledge, based on best practices. Furthermore the group shares new ideas and methods to integrate refugees and vulnerable people into their daily habitat. Best practices have been generated in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London Glasgow, Bolzano, Lille, Dortmund and many other cities in Europe. The group meets 2 or 3 times per year.

Chairwoman is Elke Heidrich, director Housing at housing association Eigen Haard in Amsterdam. She can be reached for more information about the content and ambitions,

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