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Financing and Investments

The working group Finance & Investment is chaired by Hendrik Cornehl (Dr. Klein Firmenkunden) and composed by financial specialists of EFL members and associates.

The group is focussed on sharing knowledge of financial products, discussion and comparison of investment related issues (e. g. market mechanisms, market developments, valuation methods etc.) and last but not least the exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the major financial key performance indicators (KPIs) in the housing industry. Since 2017, the focus shifts towards Social Impact Investment as combination of financial and social return on investment.

The aim is to provide EFL members with a complete overview of financing and funding opportunities in Europe. Second aim is to support members with alternative financing methods and transfer of experiences within the network. Within Europe, there is a large supply of financing products which is used in the housing sector. Apart from the common subsidies for social housing, the housing industry makes use of public loans, state guaranteed loans, commercial bank notes, corporate bonds and private equity.

The professionalization of the housing industry also led to a growing number of rated companies. The EFL Working Group Finance & Investment invited rating office Moody’s to get better insight in the conditions for financial reporting and opportunities for rating.

In 2016 and 2017, the working group will look into project and investment calculation, discuss risk management, investigate housing associations’ possibilities for growth, both on- and off-balance and compare the most relevant steering KPIs, in order to provide the EFL members in depth knowledge.

Guests and new members are always welcome.

Please send an email to Joost Nieuwenhuijzen and/or Hendrik Cornehl.

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