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The TRIME (Trias Mores Energetica) project was created and developed within EFL and was awarded EU funding from the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) program in 2014. The project is now complete and the website now offers the research, the Energy Challenge and materials developed during the pilot. They are available for other social housing organisations to adapt if needed.

TRIME was a project that engaged social housing residents across Europe and motivated them to save energy and save money on their energy bills through behavioural changes.  The goal of the project was to achieve long-term, increased energy efficiency in existing housing and increase welfare and health of residents.

The team consisted of seven social housing associations from across Europe, as well as experts in the field of technology, performance, change management, knowledge, and products. 

Cecodhas, Aedes, the UK National Housing Federation, and the French USH are among the supporting partners. The required steps to achieve the goals of TRIME consist of:

  • change in energy consumption behavior of tenants through tenants ambassadors
  • technical support in the use of equipment
  • supporting energy-efficient purchasing behavior
  • measures for sustainable procurement for housing associations
  • maximizing a healthy, indoor climate.

The energy savings target was 9,075 tons of CO2 annually.

Each participant had its own pilot project, a housing complex where innovation and renovation was applied. For example, Amsterdam experimented with energy efficient domestic electronics for rent, and Rotterdam worked on a renovation project for healthy indoor climate functions. Participants in other countries like France, England, Belgium, and Spain also completed projects. The pooling of experience provides for each of the participants new knowledge for local application.

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