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Removing Barriers for Energy Renovation

Abbau von Hemmnissen bei der energetischen Gebäudesanierung durch industrielle Vorfertigung, translated to Removing barriers for energy renovation of buildings through industrial pre-fabrication, is a project developed by the energy consultancy firm, Ecofys Germany GmbH, and funded by the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt). EFL is a participant in the project. 

The project will investigate the possibilities of a market launch of industrial prefabrication for the energetic refurbishment of buildings in Germany. The following services are to be provided: 

  • Obtaining an overview of experiences and activities of European foreign countries for the introduction of industrial prefabrication, especially taking into account their legal framework conditions (examples being tax law or building law) 
  • Monitoring theses activities of the European foreign countries, including cost savings, reduction of energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Transferability of experience to Germany in particular.

The project will look at specifically the transferability of 

  • measures and activities to overcome obstacles and make necessary adjustments in Germany
  • possible necessary legal adjustments in Germany
  • drafting proposals for the adjustment of support programs in Germany
  • cost savings, reduction of energy, and greenhouse gas emissions to German conditions

The project will take place in Dessau-Roßlau and is in the process of applying for funding.

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