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Homes 4 All

Homes 4 All is an initiative developed by the Plymouth City Council and includes TU Delf and EFL as partners.

The crisis in housing, affecting 7.8m households in Northwestern Europe, is complex and multidimensional, and cannot be solved in a single project. However, focused action can have a transformational impact. This is why Homes 4 All aims to develop a new and innovative Standard to incentivise delivery of low cost housing, incorporating measures to bring monthly housing costs down to affordable levels for people on low incomes. This project will develop and test a transnational low cost housing design standard – targeting spatial planning, designers, and the supply chain – incorporating low ‘total housing cost’ targets; ‘smart’ design (cost efficient, ITC-enabled, adaptable living, circular economy); flexible tenures (including rent, rent-to-buy, shared-ownership) for inclusive neighbourhoods. It will be supported by a transnational delivery strategy, tested in the project, incorporating access to low cost finance and development land exclusively for low cost housing , both being interdependent and dedicated to delivery of housing to The Standard.

The Standard, uniquely, will be formulated on circular economy principles, learning from the Amsterdam experience. Doing so creates a different business model, where construction and land costs are less prominent and operational costs, such as resident utility costs, are more prominent. Thus, savings made through energy efficiency have a high impact on lifetime cost reduction, which feeds through into lower monthly total housing costs for residents. A draft standard will be tested through 6 pilot investments in 5 member states, each testing different aspects of the standard and its viability, and refined through their experiences of uncovering and addressing barriers to delivery, such as regulatory, policy, financial, supply chain. The Standard will save households at risk of poverty an average of €1100 pa, 8.6% of total housing costs. After 10 years the project aims to have stimulated development of 18,000 affordable homes for people on low incomes throughout Northwestern Europe. 

Homes 4 All is currently is the process of applying for funding from the European Commission. 

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