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Design 4 Home

EFL is partnering with Vilogia, as well as Paris Habitat, Polylogis, and many more, to increase innovation and awareness as it relates to energy usage in the housing sector. 

The Design 4 Home project tackles the issue of Participative Innovation Processes, inducing the creation of new companies in smart devices for improving comfort at home and stimulating changes in energy consumption. Indeed, EU social housing organisations (SHO) recognize that to induce change in energy consumption behaviour, especially among vulnerable consumers, various aspects, such as money saving, interior comfort, understanding of energy related devices, and consciousness about energy consuming must be taken into account. There is a lack of adapted tools conceived with end-users in mind that guarantee sustainable effects. In Design4Home, SHOs are offering a field for experimentation, located in France and Belgium, to work with solution providers from growth driving countries to conceive and test new products together and disseminate results all over Europe. Design4Home will roll out a unique participative creative process, initiated by the virtuous dynamic of design contest that will be organized to design smart home products that will motivate behaviour changes in energy consumption and influence home comfort improvement. The project will enhance user-friendly design, innovation capacity of enterprises in domotics, IoT or home appliances sector, with the co-design of accessible, ergonomic & playful products for low income consumers and vulnerable groups of SHO residents. It takes into account the societal aspect of innovation among the market stakeholders in EU.

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