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Lille Catholic University

Lille Catholic University is a private Catholic university located in Lille, France. Today it has faculties and colleges specializing in all the major fields: law, arts, health and social care and sciences and technologies.

Lille Catholic University is a major actor of the French higher education system and boasts 24,540 students, 6 faculties, 20 colleges and institutes, and offerings in 4 main fields of study: Sciences and Technology, Health Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Education, Social Sciences; and Law, Economics, Management. Lille Catholic University also combines in one visible, mutually supportive, interdisciplinary structure, 33 research teams, a hospital complex with 700 beds and a child guidance centre. These institutions share the same educational philosophy based on excellence, humanist values, achievement and solidarity and are open to students and staff of all cultures and beliefs. Even though Lille Catholique University is a private university, they are a non-profit-making institution aiming to make their services available to everybody in order to make a contribution to progress, both economically and socially.

Education, research and service to society are at the heart of the mission of the Lille Catholic University. For this reason the university aims to help students to define and build up their personal and professional future. Lille Catholic University’s mission focuses on: European integration and global responsability, being a catalyst for change, contributing to the social and economic development of the community and becoming a mainspring of economic development, especially at the regional level.

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