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ENHR- European Network for Housing Research

The European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) was established in 1988 to provide an organizational platform for institutions and individuals in (and outside) Europe, who are actively engaged in housing research. It now has about 1000 individual and nearly 100 institutional members representing almost every country in Europe. The ENHR structure is based on thematic working groups.

The purpose of the ENHR Working Groups is to further research on particular topics in the field of housing and urban studies. Members of Working Groups usually come from a variety of academic disciplines and from different parts of Europe and from outside Europe. Some of the groups at the periodic ENHR conferences, while others coordinate their activities outside the ENHR conferences.

The aim of ENHR to cooperate with EFL is to have better access to practioners in the field of the housing industry.
EFL takes advantage on the cooperation with ENHR by the large scientific knowledge which is available, which is open for EFL members as well.