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Woonzorg Nederland

Woonzorg Nederland is the largest Dutch Housing Association specialized in (social) housing for elderly.

Where we stand for
Woonzorg Netherlands provides suitable accommodation for frail elderly and people with disabilities who want to live sheltered or protected. Our homes and services to support the need for safety and security of our audience.
We want to offer our customers the opportunity to fully participate in society. To support them, cooperation with local parties working towards the same goal.

People like themselves can determine what happens in their lives, even if they are older or have disabilities. Self retaining control over their own lives is important. Woonzorg Netherlands provides seniors and people with disabilities a home and living environment that helps them.

We have special reference to people on a small budget. Almost all of our homes have a social rent. We offer an appropriate mix of housing, services and care for people with different lifestyles.

At neighborhood level, we provide innovative, sustainable and flexible facilities for living, working, service, meeting and recreation. These features boost the quality of life, citizenship and community involvement. Where necessary, we work together with other parties.

Core values
Woonzorg Netherlands operates from a clear motive: Space for carefree living. That experience our customer in appropriate housing with care and customized services, but also in hospitality and the fact that we take the customer seriously . We expect our employees to be service oriented, entrepreneurial and results oriented. Our managers lead with passion, confidence and attention to employee development.

Working with partners
Woonzorg Netherlands is working with community, welfare and various healthcare providers to offer a coherent package of housing, services and care. An offer that is tailored to the needs of our customers and their financial capabilities. So customers can stay in their familiar environment and make their own choices.

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