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Wohnbau GmbH was founded in 1921 in Berlin. Today, we manage around 18,000 of our own rental apartments throughout Germany as well as more than 4,000 owner-occupied apartments for third parties. Through new construction and inventory purchases, we regularly expand our offer.
One of the key questions of the corporate housing industry, which all corporate managements have to constantly revise, is: how many traditional elements of the housing industry (public funding, on-site presence, depth of the value chain, etc.) do we need to take on into the future and, if necessary, reinterpret and which innovations make sense to stay competitive with the company?

In the 95 years of our existence we have found our own way and our own answer to this question.

It is a very individual philosophy, as we understand housing and housing align. We like to leave existing paths, often act in an anti-cyclical way and look for the appropriate process and management innovations. At the same time, we are proud to have never given up any historically evolved insights from the housing industry: the decentralized office organization with its own local employees, for example. Or to be able to organize and control our competence, project development and new construction projects ourselves. Or the conservative and solid corporate financing.