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Paris Habitat

Founded in 1914, Paris Habitat is the largest player in social housing sector in Paris and France’s largest public utility social housing company. It manages 124,000 social housing units within and around Paris and provides housing to more than 310,000 residents. Paris Habitat operates in three key areas: renewing city – buildings, renovating and maintaining its properties – accepting the application of and housing low income households, improving community cohesion and neighborliness.

Paris Habitat is a Public Utility Company linked to the Paris local authority and under State’s supervision for the control of its management.
Paris Habitat is required to produce balanced financial statements. In addition , it is subject to the Government Contracts Code when organising competitive tenders.

One-third of Paris Habitat’s supervisory board consists of representatives of the City of Paris; another third is made up of independent experts from the social housing or social sectors and appointed by the mayor of Paris. The remaining third includes elected residents, and trade union representatives. The Prefect of Paris, representing the State, has an advisory role.
The Chair of Paris Habitat must be a member of the Paris’s municipality board. He or she is elected by requirement. Currently, the Chairman is Mr. Roger Madec, Senator of Paris and the CEO is Mr. Stéphane Dauphin.

There are 2,900 people on the Paris Habitat’s payroll and 45 % of them are building caretakers. As first point of contact with tenants they have a decisive mission. In addition to the central department’s staff members, 700 workers are directly involved in providing services to tenants in 23 local branches located in 6 area divisions.

Paris Habitat is also a parent company with three subsidiaries. Two are private social housing companies and the third is dedicated to the promotion of social home ownership.