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Lahti foundation of Housing and Services for The Elderly (LVAS) is a nonprofit organization founded by Lahti city in 1964. LVAS owns 23 apartment houses in Lahti area with 1197 apartments. Four of these apartment buildings include service centers mainly targeted for the elderly or disabled. LVAS rents apartments for people over 55 years of age (senior houses, assisted living) and provides rehabilitation and nutrition services. The foundation also rents apartment houses to organizations that provide housing and services for special groups like homeless, disabled or people with mental disorders. LVAS gets funding for building houses from The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) and Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY). LVAS had a turnover of 9,4 million € in 2015.

The foundations main aim is to provide and develop housing for special groups which includes advancing lifespan living, accessibility (design for all), smart housing and living environments enhancing participation.


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