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Habinteg has always had dual aims: the provision of high quality, thoughtfully designed housing and services; and the mainstreaming of accessible and inclusive homes and neighbourhoods.

After four decades of meeting people’s housing and support needs, Habinteg is recognised as the UK’s leading expert in accessible housing and disability. They apply their expertise to challenge negative social attitudes, promote the rights of disabled people and improve accessibility standards within housing. Underlying these aims lies their commitment to equality and diversity. They use the strapline ‘accessible homes independent lives’ to reflect the diverse needs of their customers and the way in which a home that is accessible to all, is the foundation to an independent life.

Habinteg has more than 40 years experience in housing and disability and they use their expertise to create neighbourhoods that allow everyone to live independently, whatever their age, impairment or cultural background. They work closely with other housing providers and key agencies and campaign for accessible housing and inclusive design, so as to move towards a society without barriers for disabled people.

The social model of disability is crucial to every aspect of their work. They believe that people are disabled by barriers in society and negative public attitudes, rather than by their own impairments. Habinteg also treats the diversity of their own employees as a vital resource, and use their experience and skills to help them in their work. They believe that disability is a mainstream issue, and that by providing housing that can be used by all people, whether disabled or not, they can help to create a truly inclusive society.

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