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Groupe Polylogis

The Polylogis Group operates as an independent social housing company and manages agglomeration projects throughout the northwest of France, the west part and in the south. They specialize in residential construction, renovation and development. The company offers rental dwellings and other real estate management services.

With the commitment of their teams, the confidence of local elected officials, their partners and 200,000 tenants, the Group Polylogis is today one of the leading French independent social landlords. Their portfolio includes nearly 60,000 units and they manage a construction rate of over 2.000 apartments a year. The development of new permanent sites, innovative programs and acquisitions of assets from other (institutional) housing agencies are the result of the Groups overall rapid growth rate.

The group’s development policy is based on a strong foundation and they lead an ambitious maintenance and preservation policy for all their dwellings, facilities and green spaces. The group aims to manage this by permanently investing in innovation. Their commitment was highlighted by the Group’s involvement in the development of new accessibility standards for persons with disabilities. It was a proactive approach that not only had the effect of improving the comfort and quality of life of tenants, but also avoided as much complexity in the renovation preservation of dwellings as possible. This way the Group is able to provide innovative housing in a quality environment.

 Furthermore the company is an active participant in European projects: currently Logirep, one of the subsidiaries from Paris, leads the European project ‘SHELTER’.