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Gewobag is one of the leading housing providers in Germany. They strive to create truly worthful developments that make a valuable contribution to the improvement of people’s lives and opportunities.  They offer commission free rentals, condominiums, and detached houses to families, singles and seniors. Their housing stock is contains over 57.700 housing units and are located in Berlin and Brandenburg. Gewobag stands for diversity in the city of Berlin and forms the basis for a good and secure future in the regional real estate market.

As a municipal company they combine tradition with current tasks. In nine decades they have built a high-quality real estate portfolio and have acquired a comprehensive know-how. Their goal is to collaborate with their subsidiaries to maintain a trustworthy and lasting relationship with their clients. They want to express their desire to convince their clients by providing extensive services and product quality.

Gewobag has a deep understanding of and concern for environmental sustainability. The company is committed to the conservation of natural resources, as well as the active design of a social living environment. They see it as their responsibility to create a neighbourhoods, tolerant coexistence in the neighborhoods of the city. They are continuously investing in their inventories and with their engagement they make up a stable part of the local economy.

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