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Eigen Haard

‘Eigen Haard’ is a Dutch housing association based in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam. Founded in 1909 Eigen Haard has a long tradition in Dutch social housing.

 At present Eigen Haard manages about 62.000 rental units in 13 municipalities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Their housing portfolio consists of 56.000 units, of which about 95% regulated social housing and 5% commercial rents. The remaining portfolio consists of small business units, shops, garages and parking places.

 The mission of Eigen Haard is to offer affordable housing to people who need it most in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Along with partners Eigen Haard contributes to a regional housing market with sufficient housing opportunities for a variety of people. Eigen Haard not only ensures good quality housing, but takes social responsibility to keep neighbourhoods pleasant places to live.

 Eigen Haard’s main business goals are:

  • To provide affordable, good quality housing for low-income households
  • To enhance a good living climate in our neighbourhoods (encouraging social ownership, community building, socio-economic measures in cooperation with partners and inhabitants)
  • To ensure good quality of our real estate that matches people’s needs of today and tomorrow (including energy efficiency/sustainable concepts, and concepts for people with special needs)
  • Customer satisfaction (including participation of and co-production with inhabitants)
  • Accountability to stakeholders and good partnerships
  • Professional organization: good governance, efficient, effective, transparent, sustainable, innovative management, attractive employership, max. social return and min. risks)
  • Financially healthy to be able to continue our responsible role in the future

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is an economical strong and therefore attractive area. The availability of affordable housing for low income and middle income groups is limited. Other challenges include the improvement of energy efficiency of the existing property and adjustments for an aging population. Eigen Haard joins hands with stakeholders to work on opportunities for appropriate housing in a wide range of quality and price to attract a mixed population.

 Eigen Haard’s strategy is directed to stimulate ‘dynamics’ in the regional housing market and create opportunities to match supply and demand of housing and household needs:

  • Eigen Haard sells about 300-350 units of existing property per year
  • Eigen Haard performs 400-500 renovations per year (part of which may be marketed commercially).
  • We aim to realize about 800 new units per year. New developments ideally consist of 50% for sale, 30% social rent and 20% commercial rent.

 The management of  owner associations is a growing activity. This is a result of the strategy to sell existing property and add new private property in mixed building blocks. At present about 20% Eigen Haard’s tenants live in mixed building blocks, owned by Eigen Haard and private owners.

 Tenant participation and community involvement is part of the day to day activities of Eigen Haard. In the vision of Eigen Haard tenants should take care of their homes and also have a shared responsibility in maintaining a good living climate in their neighbourhoods, whenever and wherever possible. Together with local partners we work on social ownership to keep the neighbourhood clean and safe. In weak neighbourhoods Eigen Haard and partners make extra effort to improve self-reliance of people, prevent social conflicts, and reduce debts and unemployment.