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Van der Leij Groep

Van der Leij is a Dutch construction company group that comprises a wide range of construction, renovation, and development companies. Innovation and applications in the building sector, as well as actively supporting strategically allies in area development and housing are the elements that receive all the attention from the company’s mission.

The Van der Leij Group is an ambitious organization and is well known for their professionalism. A team of specialists for each sector within construction, renovation, restoration, medical adaption of homes, and energy efficient building perform these tasks, adjusted to the client’s wishes. Their corporate clients, including housing associations, governments and house owners consider the Van der Leij Group flexible, competent and goal-driven. Innovation, sustainability and social and societal engagement are a valuable part of the Van der Leij Group’s approach. They build developments that enhance people’s surroundings and that enrich people’s lives. As a certified training company they can pass on their knowledge and experiences to new generations and co-workers.