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Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf GmbH

Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf GmbH is a 100 percent environmentally friendly subsidiary company of the German city Hennigsdorf. As a local company that is headquarted in Hennigsdorf, they strive to be involved in diverse local activities. In addition, the company is certified by the CCI training company.

Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf arranges a wide variety of local activities. The ”SWH auf Achse” or in English ”SWH in action” is a great example of a frequent activity organized by Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf. Municipal official and other employees of public utilities are available to join forums for personal discussions, information about the company and receive practical tips from experts on the subject of sustainable energy.

Furthermore, Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf supports projects for local children of different age groups. the company works closely with the club Uni4Kids eV, which sees itself as a knowledge workshop for children 5-12 years. Especially in this age, children are naturally curious and want to discover new things. The Uni4Kids responds to this formation urge and provides pre-school and primary school children age-appropriate experimentation courses and workshops in the fields of science and technology.