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KEOTO is a Zürich-based team comprised of engineers and architects, who provide sustainable solutions based on the most advanced digital technologies. Their sustainable practices go beyond international certification standards.

Energy efficiency over the entire life cycle of a building is the single most important goal of sustainable architecture. KEOTO considers the implementation of different techniques to reduce the energy needs of their projects and increase their ability to capture or generate their own energy. They aim at providing 100% of their projects’ energy demand in a cost-effective way. To do this, they study the technical and economic feasibility of renewable energy-related technologies: solar thermal and photovoltaic collectors, wind generators, geothermal sources, heat recovery systems, heat extraction potential from air and water bodies (lakes, rivers, groundwater), seasonal and diurnal heat storage alternatives, bioenergy systems, heat pumps, etc.

Their team’s multidisciplinary perspective allows them to have a holistic perspective to oversee the total life cycle of their projects. Therefore, they are able to develop projects aiming to comply with any international standard or to meet project owners’ more ambitious goals. In some cases – together with their customers – KEOTO seeks proposals for subsidy applications, which can provide additional economic incentives, especially to cover part of the project’s upfront costs.

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