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Cité Creation

In 1978, a group of students in discord with the pedagogic approach taken at the College of Art were aware that art was available to only a privileged few. They decided to set up “Populart”, an association aimed at designing another kind of urban environment. Its creators shared the same opinion, that the beautiful was lacking in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. With their approach that combined art with urban planning, they decided to produce specific and unique murals with links to the history, culture, social life and identity of the places in which the murals are painted. They were to make urban aesthetics their area of action and give pride to the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods in which they intervened.

CitéCréation, creator of trompe-l’oeil murals and monumental mural designs

They left for Mexico in 1983, on the occasion of a cultural dialogue between working class districts. Alongside Mexican artists in the bustling roads of the Tepito district, they learned to paint monumental mural paintings using elements and testimonies taken from daily life and impassioned conversations with the inhabitants.
They returned to France six months later. After conducting initial experiments in isolated spaces, they worked in parallel in the more affluent districts of city centres and urban outskirts. Thus they invented an original craft, that of mural painter.

A Living Heritage Company, a label of excellence bestowed by the French Ministry of the Economy. CitéCréation is the only company in its sector to have been awarded this sign of recognition for its expertise with high added value executed according to the most rigorous quality and durability criteria.

With 40 years of experience and 750 monumental works produced around the world in every type of climate and on every type of support, CitéCréation has acquired a wealth of feedback and unique technical expertise. In perfect coordination with all the technical actors of the project, CitéCréation issues instructions or follows the technical instructions of the architect or engineering office in the framework of its design / production mission. Thus we take the greatest care to optimise the compatibility of our actions with the integrity of the facades designated.