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3 D Geo Solutions

An engineering office, with a youthful spirit, experience expert and leader in 3D measuring, modelling and classification. Both above and below ground.


 It’s all about Asset Management, Property Management and Finance Management.

 Worldwide unnecessary costs are made during the design of the Public Space. This has everything to do with communication in any form. There are multiple sources of information, geographically dispersed. Revisions are almost never maintained. Unreliabilty is the standard, and to get it reliable we just start over again.

In our vision, the object is measured once, transformed to a 3D model with classification (eg. BIM) and thus provided with relevant information on behalf of Asset Management. These models will be put on the world of GloBLD for management and maintenance by, and under the responsibility of market participants using apps.

 This way of working means transparency, it promotes the integral working, encourages taking responsibility and leads to substantial savings of up to 50%.

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