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You're here: Dr. Wolfgang Pfeuffer, co-founder EFL, retires


Dr. Wolfgang Pfeuffer, co-founder EFL, retires

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

Dr Wolfgang Pfeuffer, one of the founding members of EFL, will retire from his position as the Vorstandssprecher (Spokesman of the Board) of the German “Joseph Stiftung” Foundation, at the end of this month (July 2020). He served the Catholic Joseph Stiftung for 37 years.

Dr Pfeuffer was pivotal to the creation of EFL.  Already in 2006 the first meeting with Joost took place during a European meeting in the City of Bamberg, after which they developed a strong mutual connection. Together with some Dutch housing associations, Rob van der Leij and the German based THS Group, he signed a contract in Munich to form the precursor of EFL, the Netherlands Deutsche Connection (NDC), the first European exchange platform for housing of its kind. In 2008, the NDC was renamed EFL, and thus began the European Federation for Living.

Dr Pfeuffer has played a crucial role over the years in the further development of the network. He initiated the EU funded project ‘IStay@Home’ , a highly innovative project that supported elderly residents to stay at home using new technologies, including through the ‘SOPHIA’ system, a platform for support and connection for the elderly.

The Joseph Stiftung also hosted EFL conferences and meetings in one of the most beautiful locations in Germany: the Nepomuk Hotel, a treasure owned by them. Dr Pfeuffer also provided Joost the opportunity to work for a few months in their offices in Nuremberg.

We say goodbye to Wolfgang, thank him for all these years of loyal support to EFL, wish him all the best for the next coming years, and hope to have the opportunity for a personal handshake (?) soon. We are certain that EFL’s link with the Joseph Stiftung will remain with Dr. Klemens Deinzer, already active in EFL.

Wolfgang – it was a pleasure to work with you, all the best.

Ben Pluijmers, Chairman EFL

Joost Nieuwenhuijzen , Managing Director EFL