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You're here: Radius Housing from Belfast joins EFL

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Radius Housing from Belfast joins EFL

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

Radius Housing, located in the capital city of Northern Ireland Belfast, joins EFL.  

Radius provides quality and affordable social housing in 80 towns and cities throughout Northern Ireland. We provide sheltered housing for the over 55’s and general needs housing for families and single people. We also offer a range of specialist care and support facilities for the Frail Elderlypeople with Dementia and Learning Disabilities, and other complex needs such as homelessness and victims of domestic violence.

For those who wish to remain in their home, Radius’s home adaptation service enables you adapt your home to meet your changing needs, whilst our Fold TeleCare service provides peace of mind and reassurance through our personal alarm services to over 21,000 households.

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