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You're here: Fantastic Summer School hosted by EFL, EBZ, Housing Europe and IWO

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Fantastic Summer School hosted by EFL, EBZ, Housing Europe and IWO

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    



The second edition of the Summer School was a major success ! With about 25 young housing professionals from six countries joining a week of lectures, interactive discussions and workshops, the Summer School has established itself as a  (summer) highlight for education within the EFL community. 

The program included lectures from academics and practitioners in the morning sessions. The themes included Financing Affordable Housing, Digitisation, Circular Economy and Resident Engagement. On each of these themes the young professionals also shared their own knowledge with each other. A truly interactive and enriching way to learn and share knowledge.

The program started with an introduction by Housing Europe about the system of social housing provision in Europe. That turned out to be a great start for mutual understanding of the students. On the third day the group traveled to Düsseldorf, the capital city of the Bundesland Northrhine Westfalia. Welcomed by the Ministry of Housing, the students received in depth knowledge of the housing provision and funding scheme of this (population wise) largest German Bundesland. This was followed by a visit to a local housing cooperative.

Of course the program offered enough time for networking and having fun. A barbeque on the first evening, a real ‘housing’ party on the last evening, a thematic dinner about Eastern Europe and free diner in Düsseldorf contributed to the great atmosphere throughout the week.

Hosts of the Summer School were again EBZ Business School, Housing Europe, IWO and our own organisation EFL.


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