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You're here: EFL Welcomes the University of Cambridge to the Network

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EFL Welcomes the University of Cambridge to the Network

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

EFL is excited to announce the University of Cambridge as our newest member! Dr. Nicky Morrison, from the Department of Land Economy, shares a few words:

The Department of Land Economy, Cambridge welcomes the opportunity to join the European Federation for Living as an academic partner. Our research brings together economics, law and planning to analyse the role of government, but also of private organisations in managing physical and financial assets within land and real estate markets. We have recently established a Not for Profit Housing Research Programme within our Department and believe that EFL’s unique and diverse forum will help to strengthen our Programme’s research agenda as well as its impact, internationally. We already play an active role in the European Network for Housing Researchers. We look forward to learning from and collaborating with EFLs’ members across different countries and sectors, with the aim of working together to positively create sustainable urban environments.

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