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EFL Webinar Offsite Construction

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

Housing associations are at the frontline when it comes to tackling the affordable housing crisis. But they face a huge challenge trying to close the gap with limited time and money. Some providers are, therefore, turning to innovative new construction methods and processes, like offsite construction, to produce more affordable, sustainable housing quicker.
Take part in EFL’s next webinar to find out more about offsite construction and the industrialisation of building processes, and discover how a major UK housing association is massively speeding up their production. With speakers:
• Wayne Hill – Production Strategy Director at L&Q Housing
• Pascal Chazal – leading French expert in offsite construction, and
• Eric Danesse – Deputy Director of Design & International Relations at Vilogia
Don’t miss this chance to find out how you could use offsite construction to achieve your housing production goals.
Start: 11.00 hrs CET