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You're here: EFL Spring Conference 2019 from May 14-16 in Copenhagen

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EFL Spring Conference 2019 from May 14-16 in Copenhagen

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

The next edition of EFL’s Conference takes place in Copenhagen between May 14th (evening) until May 16th afternoon. Theme of this edition is ‘Governance in the non profit Housing Sector‘.  The Danish model of non profit housing provision is characterized by a strong role of tenants in the governance. A specific feature of the Danish social housing governance model is the principle of tenants’ democracy, which is basically a way to organise the running of each housing estate based on the central role played by residents. Currently not for profit housing makes up about 20% of the total housing stock in the country (source Housing Europe). The draft program can be downloaded HERE.  

We offer attendees deep insight in the Danish governance system , with a comparison of other governance models throughout Europe. Also a link will be made with the situation in California. In the afternoon, the conference participants will visit two sites within the city. Apart from plenary presentations, members and associates will also discuss and share experiences during workshops.  Interactive workshops are planned around topics as ‘modular construction‘ , ‘resident involvement‘ and ‘better living‘. The audience will also be updated about the current EFL Topic Groups, projects and plans for the near future. The conference is open (free of charge) for EFL members and associates. Non members, who have a keen interest in EFL, can join for a little charge.  As non member interested to attend ?: please write to .

Registration members and associates: click HERE

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