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You're here: EFL further expands: 2 new members & 2 new associates join EFL

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EFL further expands: 2 new members & 2 new associates join EFL

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

Since the start of 2016, four organisations applied succesfully for a membership of EFL. Two housing companies from Scandinavia (Denmark and Finland), one university from Bulgaria and a specialist in 3 D design and engineering from the Netherlands.

New member from Denmark is housing association BO-VEST. This leading housing organization in West Copenhagen (municipalities of Brøndby, Albertslund, Ishøj and Greve), BO-VEST holds 10.500 rental units. It is a great opportunity for the EFL network to welcome our first member from Denmark !

New member from Finland is Setlemttiassunot Oy;  a housing organization founded in 2000 and located in Helsinki. The company owns 1.000 rental units and 400 “right-of-occupancy” apartments. This type of accommodation is between traditional rental and homeownership. Setlemttiassunot Oy is regarded as one of Finlands most innovative housingassociations.

From Bulgaria the New Bulgarian University joined EFL.  As part of setting up of a housing system for the provision of affordable and social housing, the architecture department of the university is working closely with the Bulgarian government. Professors are keen to exchange knowledge with western practitioners & universities, especially as tenant status does not exist in Bulgaria (privatization after the era of communism).

3 D Geo Solutions, engineers and systems Developers. The company services include 3D measuring, 3D modelling and animation. 3D Geo solutions transforms objects into 3D models with classification (e.g. BIM) in order to provide useful information for asset management. The company’s 3D system is operational for buildings, landscapes and below the ground (pipes and conduits). 3D Geo Solutions also developed an open source 3D platform (GloBLD) for managing and controlling the spatial planning in accordance with CityGML standard.


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