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You're here: EFL Conference May 10-11 in Lille

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EFL Conference May 10-11 in Lille

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    


Invitation & Agenda 

EFL’s Spring Conference 2017 will take place in the beautiful city of  Lille on May 10 and 11th. Hosting organisation is Vilogia. The preparations for the conference are in full progress. The program can be downloaded HERE

What can you expect ?

Challenging key note speakers on sustainability, 3rd Industrial Revolution, Economic Valuation of investing in energy efficiency, innovation, EU programs and two highly interesting site visits and much more.

The conference is open for EFL members, associates and other professionals in the field of affordable housing, sustainability and innovation.  The conference is free of charge for members and associates. External participants pay a cost covering fee for the diner.

Registration is possible via this link