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You're here: Dublin Conference 2019 ‘brilliant’

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Dublin Conference 2019 ‘brilliant’

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

According to the attendees of EFL’s Autumn Conference in Dublin, this edition was one of the best EFL conferences ever. Our hosting organisation, Clùid Housing, performed an  excellent job with a full team of staff, securing a flawless conference experience. 

At the first day, the 80 + attendees took part in interactive discussions about the role of private finance in the affordable housing industry. David Orr, former CEO of the UK National Housing Federation, made the audience aware about the trillions of private money invested in the real estate sector globally and the significance of private financing for affordable housing. A large majority of EFL members voted in favour on the statement that deployment of private capital would benefit the (social) housing industry.  The presentation of David Orr was followed by Mathias Hain, CEO of Ritterwald, presenting the finalised ‘Certified Sustainable Housing Label’. One of the instruments to convince institutional investors to put money in social housing and securing it’s green and social ambitions. The third contribution to this session was provided by Christian Schmalenbach of Deutsche Wohnen. This private listed housing company was recently in the midst of public and political discussions about rental policies and affordability of living in Berlin. It is feared that a recently decided cap on rental increase will lead to a strong decrease of investments, renovations and new construction.  

The EFL community also got a full overview about the Irish housing market, the developments of the last 10 years and insight in the social housing system. Prof. Michelle Noris and Eddie Lewis, Institute of Public Administration shared their profound expertise on this matter.

In the afternoon three field visits presented the participants a real insight in the challenges of social housing in Dublin.

The presentations of the conference can be downloaded HERE.