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You're here: Digitisation is not a technology; it’s a mindset

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Digitisation is not a technology; it’s a mindset

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

The Topic Group meeting Digitisation on september 25 and 26 in the Swedish town Gävle turned out to be highly expiring. The participants from all over Europe shared views, experiences and visions on the impact of digitisation on organisational processes. Topics covered during the meeting included:

  • new ways of working in a digital age
  • indoor office architecture to adapt agile working
  • the organisational area’s touched by digital change
  • the change journey itself and it’s main elements
    • fostering understanding and conviction
    • role modelles
    • development of talent and skills
    • reinforcing by structures

But also the key succes factors for organisational change, based on the practices of participating housing companies.

The presentations can be found here.

  1. Digitisation is a mindset – Topic Groups main Conclusions
  2. New Housing concept Eigen Haard Office
  3. Channel Shift – Aareon
  4. Presentation Gavlegardana
  5. Presentation Hyresbostader
  6. Digital Tranformation Program Aareon
  7. Presentation Rooftop Worcester- England