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You're here: California Coalition for Rural Housing joins EFL

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California Coalition for Rural Housing joins EFL

By Joost Nieuwenhuijzen  /    

Great news for EFL : the US based California Coalition for Rural Housing joins EFL as the latest associate partner. This is the first non- European organisation who participates in our network. Rob Wiener, executive director, explains: “We are honored to be the first U.S. associate!!  We look forward to a productive exchange of information on innovations in social housing provision.   This comes at a time of enormous, perhaps historic, challenges facing our social housing sector due to the recent national election.”

Under his leadership, CCRH has played a major role in federal and state housing policy and program efforts that have gained billions of dollars in financing, as well as land use supports, for production of new rental housing, self-help housing, farm labor housing, housing preservation, and other areas of housing provision.

Formed in 1976 following a farmworker housing conference, CCRH is one of the oldest state low-income housing coalitions in the country. Through advocacy, organizing, research, and technical assistance, our goal is to make the case for rural housing improvement and strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit and public sectors to provide affordable housing and related facilities. Members are primarily community-based nonprofit and public developers, including the largest self-help housing producers in the United States, as well as local government officials, and local activists concerned about rural quality of life.

From now on, EFL will also publish relevant information about public, social and affordable housing in the United States.