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The European Federation for Living (EFL) are now welcoming entries for their competition for the best accessible housing design. With the top prize awarded at 5,000 euro, and the acclaim of winning an award with the EFL, this is a great opportunity for individual architecture students and multi-disciplinary teams to really showcase their vision.

Who can enter?

You can enter either as an individual or a team. To enter as an individual, you must be an undergraduate studying architecture in your final year or a postgraduate architecture student.

We actively encourage however that entries be made by multi-disciplinary teams, as long as one member is an architecture student in their final year of bachelor’s or any year of master’s study.

You must also belong to a university from an EFL member state (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom)

What’s on offer?

There are five prizes on offer:

  • 5,000 euro first prize
  • 3,000 euro second prize
  • 1,000 euro third prize
  • Two prizes at 500 euro each

The awards ceremony will take place in Helsinki in early summer 2016. The top three teams will each receive a €500 fund for travel and accommodation.

The winning entries will be reviewed and may influence future planning and discussions around accessible affordable housing by the EFL and its members.

What’s the competition?

The European Union is facing unprecedented demographic change, with over half of our population being over the current retirement age by 2060. Building accessible and affordable housing that meets the need to ensure older people are integrated into the community whilst offering technology and design that assists them is a core challenge all EU nations face.

The EFL are therefore seeking entries from individuals or teams that create bold vision for the future. They seek concepts that innovate, whether that be in the form of a low rise building, skyscraper or something else entirely. Crucially, all entries must present ideas for housing that is multi-occupancy.

What are the entry details?

Entries are open from October 1st, all entries must be submitted by 15th January 2015.

Questions related to entries will be accepted up to 30th November 2015. All questions are to be directed to with the subject line ‘EFL Design Competition question.’ All questions will be answered and published at once in December 2015.

Update (Dec 2015): No questions were received that require a public “Question and Answer” section!

Entries are made via the EFL site and must be sent to
More details on the rules and processes for entry can be found in the Competition Brief.

Practical information 

You can download the complete competition brief here: EFL DESIGN COMPETITION BRIEF

To sign up as competitor, please contact:, use the subject line “EFL Design Competition sign up” and indicate your pseudonym and university. 

Deadline for submission of entries: 15 January 2016

Jury members:
Kirsti Pesola – Finland
Renée Floret-Scheide – France
Eckhard Feddersen – Germany
Theo van der Voordt – Netherlands
Jeremy Porteus – UK

For ARA: Sampo Vallius – Finland
For EFL: Joost Nieuwenhuijzen – Netherlands

Alteration to the competition brief:
1.2 Right to participate: 
The competition is open to all registered degree, bachelor, master or diploma students of university-level institutions from countries with an EFL partner member. 


This competition is only possible by the kind support of:


and is also listed under