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February, 2020

Topic Group Finance and New Business Models

  February, 6 - 7     Dr. Klein, Klosterstrasse 71, Berlin (Germany)

The meeting will be held in a workshop-style. The aim is to discuss our shift of scope from “Finance & Investment” towards “Finance & New Business Models” (current working title). Consequently, we are going to discuss concrete future topics within our new scope. In order to avoid unnecessary overlaps and build up extra momentum we are going to learn from our fellow TG Digitization about their recent projects/topics and their focus for 2020/2021. A sophisticated agenda will become available in January.

Please do not hesitate to make your travel arrangements prior to having received the agenda. It is going to be a workshop-styled meeting. Your input during the meeting will be highly appreciated and highly relevant for our TG’s future work.

Topic Group Construction

  February, 27 - 28     London, UK

The hosting organisation will be L&Q Housing Association from London. During the Topic Group meeting a visit to an off site housing production project will be organised close to London. Chairman of the meeting Eric Danesse (Vilogia). Attending is free for all EFL members and associates.

March, 2020

EFL strategic Project Event

  March, 5 - 6     Amsterdam

Each year EFL offers a one or two day event in Amsterdam to discuss project ideas within the EFL community. Members and associates are invited to pitch projects. An expert on EU funding will be present. Furthermore ideas for co creation within EFL will be worked out in workshops. The agenda is in development.
Register via this link.

The event is only open for EFL members and associated partners.

April, 2020

European Digitisation Group Spring Seminar 2020

  April, 20 - 21     Parteon, Marktstraat 52 Wormerveer, Netherlands

Meet, discuss, learn, get inspired and mover jointly forward during the two day event of the European Digitalisation Group.

June, 2020

EFL Spring Conference 2020

  June, 2 - 4     Glasgow, Scotland

The Spring Conference 2020 takes place in Glasgow. Hosting organisation is the Wheatley Group.

October, 2020

EFL Autumn Conference 2020

  October, 21 - 23     Stuttgart, Germany

The Autumn conference 2020 will take place in Stuttgart. Hosting organisation is Flüwo.