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March, 2019

Topic Group Digitisation

  March, 25 - 26     Berlin

Workshop by Topic Group Digitisation (EFL) in combination with the meeting of ‘European Digitisation Factory’ by EFL Expertise,

March 25. and 26. In Berlin

The Programm will split on those 2 days,
while the first day will be focused on Gewobags approach to digital service center.
– Where we stand and how we got there (insights and lessons learned)
– Our Vision and approach

  • Expectations of our members

The second days will bring up interesting solution provider and technologies concerning the digital service center.

Program: click HERE

EFL Seminar Nuremberg

  March, 28 - 29     EFL_St.Ludwig_Anfahrtsskizze_JS_k.pdf

On March  28 & 29 2019, our German member Joseph Stiftung from Bamberg will host a housing event of the European Federation for Living in the City of Nuremberg. On March  28 & 29 2019, our German member Joseph Stiftung from Bamberg will host a housing event of the European Federation for Living in the City of Nuremberg. The program you find HERE.

With this seminar, we would like to open the minds of deciders in the European housing business for the new developments in terms of digitization and offer some input and ideas on how to cope with the ever-changing world of business processes. The technical developments in terms of digitization will not slow down again and there is no way to “sit it out and wait” until everybody goes back to the old paper-and-phone-based processes, especially not if there are some efficient new tools available. Therefore, we cordially invite you to join us for inspiring two days with the following contents:

Day 1 – 28 March 2019 – Keyword of the day: Robotics

On this afternoon, we can give you some real life already working examples of robotics in the housing business. When we talk about robotics, we think of it as “digital co-workers”, who can help us very efficiently with tedious and repetitive but necessary work. Especially when needing data in two different softwares and not wanting to develop a special gateway, data is often transferred manually from software 1 to software 2. Instead of developing a costly gateway which must be maintained and updated regularly along with the connected software, Joseph-Stiftung is currently trying out a “digital co-worker” to do these data transfers. We can demonstrate how this is done. Furthermore, we invited a specialist from University of Bamberg to provide a scientific frame on AI and robotics. On top, we will get an idea of “Atmosphere” and see an example how a digital co-worker can facilitate the interaction with customers by using a chatbot. We will finalize the day with a panel discussion on robotics in the housing business, before going to delicious dinner with local Franconian taste.

Day 2 – 29 March 2019 – Keyword of the day: Transformation

On the morning of Day 2, we would like to look at tools, ideas and/or mindsets of employees to successfully implement new digital tools and to cope with the ever-changing technology and frames. On top of getting input from very inspiring experts, we would like to encourage an active exchange between all participants so you can share best practices and take practical advice for successful digitization projects home.

April, 2019

Topic Group Social Domain in Amsterdam

  April, 12     Amsterdam

This topic group meeting will be dedicated to preparing for the 2019 International Social Housing Festival workshop.

May, 2019

EFL Spring Conference 2019

  May, 15 - 16     Copenhagen, Denmark

The EFL Spring Conference will take place in Copenhagen on the 15th and 16th of May, 2019.

June, 2019

2019 International Social Housing Festival

  June, 4 - 7     Lyon, France

The 2019 International Social Housing Festival will take place in Lyon, France.

Topic Group Social Domain at the 2019 International Social Housing Festival

  June, 07     Lyon, France

The EFL Topic Group Social Domain will host a workshop at the 2019 International Social Housing Festival.

Topic Group Construction: "How do people live a passive buildings "?

  June, 20 - 21     Lille, France

Under the new lead of Vilogia (Lille, France), the topic group ‘Construction’ will hold it’s first meeting on June 20 & 21 in Lille.

Lille Agenda: 20th + 21st June

Baseline: Passive house is an EU standard. The challenges are: rising energy costs, climate change, rising construction costs, comfort and air quality. Is Passive House standard an answer to those questions for social Housing Organizations? What about other solutions? Compare costs for the long term?

  • 20th June :
    • Lunch by Vilogia’s office
    • Presentation of the projects (Justice + Bois Habité) with introduction to passive buildings and the French market
    • Travel to Lille
    • Visit Justice + travel
    • Visit Bois Habité + travel if necessary
    •  Dinner
  • 21st June:
    • Coffee welcome
    • Challenge to present what are the solutions to reach low energy consumption for new buildings in your country (UK + NL + D + FR + DK + FI)
    •  TU Delft: academic point of view on Passive house compared to other solutions
    • If you were to carry out these projects in your countries, what would be the additional constraints and helps? What could have been improved in the projects you saw? Point of views: regulatory, technical, financial, human / social
      • workshop
      • coffee break
      • discussion
    • Speech by a sociologist (Gaetan Brisepierre TbC)
    • Conclusion Is Passive house a good solution for your countries? What kind of EU project could raise from this?
    • Ideas for a future location and topic
    • Lunch and good-bye


July, 2019

Summer School 2019

  July, 15 - 18     Springorumallee 20, 44795 Bochum, Germany


European Summer School for Young Professionals 15-18 July 2019 Bochum

Each year, 25-30 young people from all over Europe come to Bochum to discuss current challenges of the social housing sector with academic experts and experienced practitioners.

What will cities look like in the future? How will urban life become sustainable? Is “Smart City” just a buzzword or does it lead us towards a digitized way of living? How can we make sure that the digital transition does not leave a significant number of people behind? These and many other questions will be discussed in the 2019 edition of the European Summer School.

Join the European exchange of best practices and innovative approaches, develop new ideas and concepts in interactive workshops, see real examples in field visits, meet fellow young housing professionals from other European countries, and build up your personal European network – four exciting and instructional days are awaiting you in Bochum! Stay tuned for the full programme!

The European Summer School is brought to you by EBZ – European Education Centre for Housing and Real Estate in cooperation with EFL European Federation for Living, Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing and Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe IWO.

Be part of the third European Summer School at EBZ in Bochum!

October, 2019

EFL Autumn Conference 2019

  October, 30 - 31     Dublin, Ireland

The EFL Autumn Conference will take place on October 30 and 31 in Dublin, Ireland. Information about the conference will follow.

November, 2019

EFL Autumn Conference 2019

  November, 6 - 7     Dublin

The EFL Autumn Conference will take place in Dublin on November 6 and 7, 2019.

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