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September, 2018

Study Visit Barcelona

  September, 25 - 26     Barcelona

This year’s Urban Study Visit will take members and associates to the Spanish city of Barcelona. The final passage of the visit will be announced on the website.

Provisional dates: 25 and 26 September 2018.

Topic Group Digitalization

  September, 25 - 26     Gävle, Sweden

This topic group joins together with Eurhonet for another meeting on digitization. This time, the meeting will take place at the local housing organisation Gavlegardarna in Gävle, Sweden. Participants will share current, ongoing projects and best practices, focusing on new ways of working in the era of digitization. The group will visit a new, flexible office in Gävle and learn how they accompanied their employees throughout a process of change. For all who arrive on the 24th of September, there will be a joint dinner (at one’s own expense). We hope to see you there!

October, 2018

Topic Group Social Domain

  October, 23 - 24     Birmingham

Topic Group meeting Social Domain in Birmingham. Focus on community housing, coop housing, community engagement and social impact measurement..

November, 2018

EFL Autumn Conference 2018

  November, 7 - 8     Milan, Italy

The EFL Autumn Conference will take place on November 7th and 8th in Milan, Italy.

December, 2018

Housing for All. Affordable Housing in Growing Cities

  December, 4 - 5     Wiener Wohnen, Rosa-Fischer-Gasse 2, 1030, Wien,

Which legal and financial conditions are needed in Europe to increase investment in affordable housing? Which benefits does affordable housing provide for European Cities and the economy? These questions will form the basis of the international conference „Housing for All. Affordable Housing in Growing Cities“ in Vienna. Prominent politicans, well-known experts, scientists and housing providers from different cities will discuss the topic comprehensively. The findings of the European Urban Agenda – Housing Partnership will also be presented. The City of Vienna would also like to take this oppertunity to invite you to get to know the Viennese model of social housing through study visits.

Further information will follow in the near future.

Topic Group Energy Efficiency

  December, 6 - 7     Delft

The Topic Group Energy Efficiency will gather on December 6 and 7 at the premises of the TU Delft/ Delft University of Technology.

Planned is a visit to the Green Village, a testlab of the TU/D for innovation in the field of energy efficiency on December 6. The following day December 7th we will share relevant findings from the latest projects. The agenda is in preparation.

March, 2019

EFL Seminar Bamberg

  March, 28 - 29     Bamberg

On March  28 & 29 2019, our German member Joseph Stiftung from Bamberg will host a housing event of the European Federation for Living. The theme and content of the event will be published later.

Bamberg is a beautiful city and is well known as UNESCO World Heritage city. Bamberg is located in southern Germany in the north of Bavaria. It is a good example of a central European town with a basically early medieval plan and many surviving ecclesiastical and secular buildings of the medieval period. When Henry II, Duke of Bavaria, became King of Germany in 1007 he made Bamberg the seat of a bishopric, intended to become a ‘second Rome’. Of particular interest is the way in which the present town illustrates the link between agriculture (market gardens and vineyards) and the urban distribution centre.

More info here. ( ).

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