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EFL and Delft University of Technology jointly developed a 

highly interesting academic book on innovations in the affordable housing sector.


Entitled “Affordable Housing Governance and Finance ; Innovations, Partnerships and Comparative Perspectives‘, the book gives the reader a wide perspective over innovations in the affordable housing sectors. This book explores innovations in housing finance arrangements, with a focus on developments across Europe,and comparative chapters from the USA and Australia. The book presents innovations in collaborative housing,co-production and accompanying finance mechanisms in order to support the quantity and the quality of affordable rental housing. It combines academic rigour with practical relevance. Chapters written by renowned housing researchers with practitioners from the housing sector and the EFL community. The book is of interest to researchers and professionals in housing, social policy, urban planning and finance.

You can order the book ‘Affordable Housing Governance and Finance ; Innovations, Partnerships and Comparative Perspectives ‘with 20% discount, enter the code FLR40 at checkout.

Book orders are possible via this link :

Info about the book: click HERE

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