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Application Criteria Members and Associates

The European Federation of Living  is a member network, composed by professional organisations in the housing sector. 

  1. Members : housing providers in the affordable housing sector. Typical members are housing associations, housing cooperatives and public  and private housing  companies. EFL members are characterized by offering low rent- to intermediate rental homes. EFL is open for public, social and private housing companies with the ambition to share and innovate their core business.
  2. Associated Partners. Private companies in the supply chain of housing.
  3. Academic Associated Partners: Universities, Research Institutes.

Legal entity EFL

EFL is an European Economic Intererest Group. Only members (housing companies) have voting rights at the General Assembly.

Membership fee (2018)

  1. Members: yearly contribution. Fee depends on the property portfolio under management. First year a 50% discount is provided.  Normal contribution ranges from 2.500 € to maximum 14.500 € (2018). 
  2. Private companies: yearly contribution between 2.500 € or 5.000 €. Depends on yearly turnover.
  3. Universities & Research Institutes: free membership for public financed academic institutions.

Fee : EFL is a non-profit organisation. The fee covers professional staff including academic support, free participation at EFL bi annual conferences (inc all meals, drinks, bustours etc), topic groups, seminars, study visits, use of digital library. Travel costs are for own account.

Admission Requirements members

  • Active as supplier of affordable housing (includes housing companies with a share of market rent homes)
  • Minimum size of 2.500 units under management
  • Financially sound
  • Innovative and open to share own expertise and knowledge

Admission Requirements private companies

  • Supplier of products and services in supply chain of housing
  • Registered in the EFL member countries
  • Total turnover of over Euro 1.000.000 per year 
  • Excellent credit rating and indisputable reputation in the market 
  • Innovative 
  • At least 5 years in business 
  • Support growth EFL by own network
  • Ability and willingness to support topic groups/ project groups/ seminars 

Market segments

  • Architecture and engineering
  • Urban design / Architecture / Planning
  • Construction and Renovation
  • Technology (related to housing)
  • Social or care sector
  • Utilities, including energy supply and Installations
  • Digital industry
  • Property management
  • Financing and Insurance
  • Consultancy
  • Legal 
  • Supply industry/ materials (facades, solar panels, windows etc)

Application procedure

  1. Apply for EFL membership by filling in registration form 
  2. EFL Board assesses application
  3. When positive, EFL members need to confirm new entry
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