Energie 0 Stadt Bad Aibling

Principal: B&O Wohnungswirtschaft and Van der Leij Bouwbedrijven
Location: Bad Aibling (Zuid Beieren)
Type of project: housing units in EPS
Scope of the site: 72,000 m2

The German EFL member B&O Wohnungswirtschaft (re)develops the large-scale terrain of the former American army base in the south of Germany, in Bad Aibling into an energy-0 city. It involves an area including residential buildings, a church, sports centres, a cinema, hotels, schools, office buildings etc. In all 52 buildings. Jointly with the School for Higher Vocational Education of Rosenheim, the topic or theme energy efficiency on urban development level is elaborated into a new concept. The area will have its own sustainable power supply and this will be generated by state-of-the-art technologies within an individual network.

On this site, the EFL member Van der Leij Bouwbedrijven will also realise a number of EPS housing projects. A direct cooperation between the construction companies Van der Leij and B&O Wohnungswirtschaft is as such a fact.

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